Solomon Islanders join EU Youth In Action programme in Tenerife

Two young Solomon Islands women have traveled to Spain to participate in an international collaboration designed to promote youth creativity and volunteerism.  When the two volunteers return they will be accompanied by an EU volunteer and together will share their new skills and look for suitable projects.  One potential could be to promote youth involvement in media. Therefore, the press release today (below) is of interest to this forum.

Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs
“Our Way Forward Through Partnerships”
P. O. Box G39
Solomon Islands



 Solomon Islands National Youth Congress strikes deal with European Union

The Solomon Islands National Youth Congress, SINYC under its mandate to help Solomon Islands youth to tackle unemployment in the country has recently entered into a grant assistance agreement with the ‘Youth in Action’ program of the European Commission after signing an agreement with the coordinating body and partner, the Federation de Scouts de Tenerife of Spainon 21st January, 2013.

The global project is called World Island Shake (WISh) which is coordinated by the Federation of Scouts of Tenerife in Spain, acting under powers delegated by the European Union’s European Commission, Audiovisual and Culture Agency (EACEA). This initiative has been approved and eighty percent co-funded by “Youth in Action” program of the European Commission. The project brings together young people of Iceland, Malta, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Santa Lucia and the Canary Islands (Spain).

Starting by the 10th of March, 12 islander participants worldwide will have their first international meeting in Tenerife, the Canary Islands. During 10 days they will take part in a Training Course and a Study Visit denominated “Participation – Creativity – Employability”.

General Secretary of the National Youth Congress, Charles De Fox says, this is a first of its kind opportunity for Solomon Islands youth as the Executive Agency of the Youth in Action program in Brussels, Belgium annually approves less than 40 such projects, the competition has been tough and therefore the responsibility to create a sustainable network of young islanders is extremely high.

The WISh aims to answer two common problems of island youth: low youth participation and high unemployment. As its name suggests, the participants are shaken through discussion, experience sharing, creating and promoting youth initiatives, such as European Voluntary Service opportunities.

Currently there are two female Solomon Islanders studying under the project in Spain. Upon completion of their training there they are expected to return to the country this year and contribute to the positive development of youths in the country.

The Secretariat of the Solomon Islands National Youth Congress is at present within the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs. It administers the daily operations of the Congress through Provincial Youth Councils, Church Youth Ministries, Uniform Youth Organizations and the Youth Stakeholders Organizations.  It was established by Solomon Islands Act of Parliament in 1980 to advocate the interests and aspirations of young people to government and other stakeholders.

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CLP Developer’s Certificate – unique training opportunity

Are you involved in community development?  Is your organization interested in creating communication (radio and audio) programmes to support behaviour change in an area of social development or health?

Registration for a unique training opportunity has closed with 200 participants from around the world, including 12 from the Pacific Islands region signing up.

This course will be repeated annually. For more information see the COL web pages or download the course flyer here CLP-developers-certificate


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Music can change the world

In his latest newsletter from In A Box Innovations, Rukmin Wijemanne describes how some famous musicians in Africa have come together in the Sigauque Project of Community Media for Development Productions, to lend their words and music in the fight against discrimination, xenophobia, malaria and other campaigns. Noting the power of music and radio to reach youth, they also produced songs about HIV awareness.

Visit In A Box Innovations website to register for their newsletter. You can download issue 8 here IABI-Newsletter-Issue-8



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10 steps to avoid for sustainable community radio

Thinking of starting up a community broadcasting facility? If your first step is to buy the equipment, think again!

This is great guide for those wishing to start up community radio stations, from Empowerhouse. Visit Empowerhouse to sign up for their newsletter.

You can also download here  The-10-traps-to-avoid-when-you-want-sustainable-community-radio


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From Birgitte Jallov, author of Empowerment Radio, a great source of advice for those involved in community broadcasting: : Find it here


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Emergency radio helps in tsunami recovery

A local radio station in Temotu Province was established by World Vision with partners NZAid and SIBC. The Solomon Star reports today (February 4th 2014)

Click picture for full size

See also Claire Varley’s report from Buala, 2011

Emergency Radio Temotu Solomon Star

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New Community Learning Programmes planned for Isabel Learning Network

A half-day meeting was held at Mothers Union Resthouse in Buala, Isabel Province, Solomon Islands on February 10th 2013. It was attended by 13 people including representatives from Isabel Health Services (IHS), Isabel Provincial Government (IPG) departments responsible for education, women and tourism, the Isabel Investment Corporation (IIC), Mothers Union, Telekom/Isabel Musicians Association. The meeting was facilitated by local ICT and media consultant David Leeming and IIC General Manager Henry Marau.


The purpose of the mission was to follow up on the C4D workshop held in Buala in September 2012.

Four “for real” Community Learning Programmes (the C4D model used by Healthy Communities) were identified as priorities and were outlined.

These included the following topics:

  • Iumi Tugeta Stap Helti : Community Health: Learning about NCDs, mental health risk factors and sanitation. To be led by the Isabel Health Services.
  • Family Violence, Breaking the Silence:  breaking down the barriers for victims of family violence. To be led by Isabel united Against Family Violence (IUAFV)
  • Welkam Oloketa Tuaris lo Ples blong iumi Tourism: Learning for communities in customer service and standards, and in accessing assistance for tourism start-ups in villages. This CLP is to be led by the IPG Tourism desk partnering with local operators.
  • Protecting our Environment: to mobilise communities especially women to develop sustainable management plans and protect their environment (supporting an existing programme of Mother’s Union and The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

These CLPs will now be developed under Commonwealth of Learning’s Healthy Communities programme over the next 2 years with inputs including programme design and production workshops and campaigns. Baseline research is also planned, with monitoring of availability, quality and impacts of community learning in Isabel Province.

The CLPs will be delivered primarily via the network of eight community FM radio stations situated around Isabel, and with learner support using other channels including mobile phones and face to face meetings.

At the meeting, we also discussed strategies for improving the reliability and stability of the FM radio stations on Isabel, including Buala Community FM. This is important, as in order to deliver the CLPs we will need stable media outlets. Ideas stemming from this discussion have been documented and are being considered by the Provincial Executive.

A follow up meeting was held with the Mothers Union Coordinator to agree on next steps for a C4D opportunity identified during the September workshop. This would involve support for a C4D component for the Positive Parenting programme. This meeting yielded dates and agreement on including a COL-led session in the planned trainings, and information on budget/costs.

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