This website has been conceived by, and is maintained by, David Leeming, Honiara, Solomon Islands in the interest of promoting more horizontality and mutual support between actors in the development of community and indigenous media in the Solomon Islands (and regional friends).

The Community Media Forum is an idea for a local partners network to support community media development. There would be no single organisation taking a lead role, and anyone with a genuine interest in community media development in the Solomon Islands (but not exclusively) is welcome to join.

Such forum would aim to create an enabling environment to facilitate mutual sharing of ideas, skills and content. There are many examples of such forums in other countries where community radio has been effective, for instance in Zambia (Comminit 2006), Bangladesh (Jallov 2012 p218). Jallov describes the importance of national support groups and the role of “facilitator” (ibid. p216). To use the coordinate system of Quarry and Ramírez (2009), these elements make up the context and the champions for good development, which leads to good communications.

Please contact me, if you are interested in this idea.

Contact site admin


Comminit (2006), Zambia Community Media Forum (ZaCoMeF), The Communication Initiative Network,

Jallov B. (2012), Empowerment Radio, Empowerhouse, Gudhjen, Denmark.

Quarry W. & Ramírez R. (2009) Communication for another development: listening before telling. London: Zed Books


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