Community Learning Programmes (CLPs) produced by Isabel Communities

Looking back at the radio programmes produced under the Healthy Communities project in Isabel Province, Solomon Islands, 2009-2012. This project was a partnership of four communities with Isabel Province and Health Services, Ministry of Health and Medical Services Health Promotion Division, Solomon Islands Development Trust, People First Network, Leeming Consulting and Commonwealth of Learning.

Several communities in Isabel Province, worked together to design and produce educational radio programmes for their local FM stations (community FM radio). They used a participatory and blended approach called the Community Learning Programme (CLP).  This initiative was started with assistance from the Commonwealth of Learning’s Healthy Communities programme, which ran from 2009-2012. The programmes were recorded with simple digital equipment such as hand held mp3 recorders, and mixed and edited using Audacity on low cost netbooks, without any need for “experts”.

Samples of community service messages (Dec 2011)

TB service message

Control your drink

Healthy Communities (2010)

Nha Au Fa Keli (by Susubona FM)

This series is about a healthy village environment.

Khabru Mamahe (by Tataba and Sigana FM)

This series is about healthy lifestyle, featuring diabetes prevention.

Noda Thogna (by Buala FM)

This series is about healthy marine and river environment.

Highlighting our Customs (2009)

This programme was produced by Sigana and Tababa FM and Isabel Youth members as part of the Learning4Peace project.


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