Solomon Islanders join EU Youth In Action programme in Tenerife

Two young Solomon Islands women have traveled to Spain to participate in an international collaboration designed to promote youth creativity and volunteerism.  When the two volunteers return they will be accompanied by an EU volunteer and together will share their new skills and look for suitable projects.  One potential could be to promote youth involvement in media. Therefore, the press release today (below) is of interest to this forum.

Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs
“Our Way Forward Through Partnerships”
P. O. Box G39
Solomon Islands



 Solomon Islands National Youth Congress strikes deal with European Union

The Solomon Islands National Youth Congress, SINYC under its mandate to help Solomon Islands youth to tackle unemployment in the country has recently entered into a grant assistance agreement with the ‘Youth in Action’ program of the European Commission after signing an agreement with the coordinating body and partner, the Federation de Scouts de Tenerife of Spainon 21st January, 2013.

The global project is called World Island Shake (WISh) which is coordinated by the Federation of Scouts of Tenerife in Spain, acting under powers delegated by the European Union’s European Commission, Audiovisual and Culture Agency (EACEA). This initiative has been approved and eighty percent co-funded by “Youth in Action” program of the European Commission. The project brings together young people of Iceland, Malta, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Santa Lucia and the Canary Islands (Spain).

Starting by the 10th of March, 12 islander participants worldwide will have their first international meeting in Tenerife, the Canary Islands. During 10 days they will take part in a Training Course and a Study Visit denominated “Participation – Creativity – Employability”.

General Secretary of the National Youth Congress, Charles De Fox says, this is a first of its kind opportunity for Solomon Islands youth as the Executive Agency of the Youth in Action program in Brussels, Belgium annually approves less than 40 such projects, the competition has been tough and therefore the responsibility to create a sustainable network of young islanders is extremely high.

The WISh aims to answer two common problems of island youth: low youth participation and high unemployment. As its name suggests, the participants are shaken through discussion, experience sharing, creating and promoting youth initiatives, such as European Voluntary Service opportunities.

Currently there are two female Solomon Islanders studying under the project in Spain. Upon completion of their training there they are expected to return to the country this year and contribute to the positive development of youths in the country.

The Secretariat of the Solomon Islands National Youth Congress is at present within the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs. It administers the daily operations of the Congress through Provincial Youth Councils, Church Youth Ministries, Uniform Youth Organizations and the Youth Stakeholders Organizations.  It was established by Solomon Islands Act of Parliament in 1980 to advocate the interests and aspirations of young people to government and other stakeholders.


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