New Community Learning Programmes planned for Isabel Learning Network

A half-day meeting was held at Mothers Union Resthouse in Buala, Isabel Province, Solomon Islands on February 10th 2013. It was attended by 13 people including representatives from Isabel Health Services (IHS), Isabel Provincial Government (IPG) departments responsible for education, women and tourism, the Isabel Investment Corporation (IIC), Mothers Union, Telekom/Isabel Musicians Association. The meeting was facilitated by local ICT and media consultant David Leeming and IIC General Manager Henry Marau.


The purpose of the mission was to follow up on the C4D workshop held in Buala in September 2012.

Four “for real” Community Learning Programmes (the C4D model used by Healthy Communities) were identified as priorities and were outlined.

These included the following topics:

  • Iumi Tugeta Stap Helti : Community Health: Learning about NCDs, mental health risk factors and sanitation. To be led by the Isabel Health Services.
  • Family Violence, Breaking the Silence:  breaking down the barriers for victims of family violence. To be led by Isabel united Against Family Violence (IUAFV)
  • Welkam Oloketa Tuaris lo Ples blong iumi Tourism: Learning for communities in customer service and standards, and in accessing assistance for tourism start-ups in villages. This CLP is to be led by the IPG Tourism desk partnering with local operators.
  • Protecting our Environment: to mobilise communities especially women to develop sustainable management plans and protect their environment (supporting an existing programme of Mother’s Union and The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

These CLPs will now be developed under Commonwealth of Learning’s Healthy Communities programme over the next 2 years with inputs including programme design and production workshops and campaigns. Baseline research is also planned, with monitoring of availability, quality and impacts of community learning in Isabel Province.

The CLPs will be delivered primarily via the network of eight community FM radio stations situated around Isabel, and with learner support using other channels including mobile phones and face to face meetings.

At the meeting, we also discussed strategies for improving the reliability and stability of the FM radio stations on Isabel, including Buala Community FM. This is important, as in order to deliver the CLPs we will need stable media outlets. Ideas stemming from this discussion have been documented and are being considered by the Provincial Executive.

A follow up meeting was held with the Mothers Union Coordinator to agree on next steps for a C4D opportunity identified during the September workshop. This would involve support for a C4D component for the Positive Parenting programme. This meeting yielded dates and agreement on including a COL-led session in the planned trainings, and information on budget/costs.


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