Empowerment Radio

Trailer to a very interesting new publication, we can learn from this. My copy is in the post!

Empowerment radio: voices building a community (click to read more)

Author Birgitte Jallov writes:

Throughout my adult life, working with community radio and communication for development, I have seen that giving people a voice, and an opportunity to speak for themselves, is  – more than anything else – what leads to the empowerment required to trigger an avalanche of positive personal and community change. Increasing numbers of individuals, organisations and institutions have seen the powerful impact generated by community radio stations, identifying it as the potential ‘missing link’ between development support being provided and true development actually taking place.

I make no secret of firmly believing – based on evidence shared in the book – that when well planned by the community, this type of radio can change the face of the community, and the lives within it. This does, however, in no way mean that community – or empowerment – radio can solve all problems. The book stresses how important a national public service radio of some sort is, meeting a whole different set of information – and communication – needs of a population. And it touches on some of the many complementary benefits communities can derive from matching radio with internet, mobile radio and all of the many social media platforms that continue to develop. But ‘empowerment radio’ with its collective organising and consciousness-raising potential, and derived community development capacity, for partly illiterate populations in the exact language spoken by the community, where any one can take part in production, and where it costs nothing to receive (even when it may not be from a receiver owned by the family itself) – well, for these marginalised and vulnerable communities in many parts of the world, there is still nothing better and more effective than empowerment radio.




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